Ahead Paralegal Services

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This service is perfect for the sole proprietor/small to medium sized law firms/office. 
Legal documents require the utmost confidentiality, care and security. 
Your firm has high standards. 
Don't let your operations get bogged down in the messy world of paper. Your file management system should give you an edge, enhance client services, provide instant document search ability and deliver added security throughout the entire firm. 

Ahead Paralegal Services will convert files into itemized, searchable, itemized PDF's & shred all documents.
            Pricing - $75 per box (standard bankers box size).
  Staples/paper clip removal and shredding costs are all included.

If you have 10 or more boxes Ahead Paralegal Services will provide you with a FREE 16GB USB Drive to store your files
Shredding Only Services as low as $15 per box.
Minimum $10 pickup fee (will vary by location) 
See display below to determine your correct bankers box size.

Standard Size Bankers Box  15 x 12 x 10   $75 each

Double Size Bankers Box  24 x 15 x 10 

starting @ $125 each

Ahead Paralegal Services Document Imaging & Shredding services will:

-Remove the staples & break down all boxes (add'l $10 per box)

-Scan and convert your files into searchable PDF files            and confidentially shred your files

-Shredding Only Fees (call ahead for pricing).  

- Increase your workspace, efficiency and piece of mind

- Get rid of extra storage facilities; streamline your office & make life         easier for one flat price!!!!!

Other companies will require you to remove all staples and count your pages, costing you valuable time and money.

Chicago 773-408-9470 or email aheadparalegalservices@gmail.com 
Indianapolis 317-608-3672 or email aheadpsindy@gmail.com immediately for an estimate or to schedule a pick-up.
All documents are itemized and converted into Searchable PDF's to make your life much easier and faster to search. 
It's easy as 123!!!

Step into the future of your business, let Ahead Paralegal Services keep your office clean, paper free and efficient!!!!!